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My mother's daughter

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Nuzzled [Aug. 18th, 2008|01:55 pm]
My mother's daughter
So My moon, My Man is going back up state tomorrow for school and I've been left with an oh so bitter taste in my mouth. He's sent me so many mixed signals its unholy. All is fine and dandy when the clothes are off, but god forbid we sit next to each other at the movie theater. That's would just be...mean, he would say.

I know I know you all are thinking "why are you wasting your time with that guy? Move on, he's after your body not your heart and the second he gets back to State with all the ungrad ass he'lls top calling."


But let's think for a moment about how shitty the past years have been and how I've been (for lack of better words) aching for some compassion. Even if it is a damn lie. Give me these few hours of just pretend happiness so i can mope later like I always do.

They're outside smoking now and I can't go out because it makes my eyes water and my hair REEEEEK. So i'll sit in here and just beam because he'd just nuzzled my neck and kissed my ear before stepping out the door.