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Alright so, it's been two or maybe three weeks. I can't believe that… - On with the show [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
My mother's daughter

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[May. 19th, 2008|08:47 am]
My mother's daughter
Alright so, it's been two or maybe three weeks. I can't believe that this all sparked from one little night out of town. It makes me wonder if I had gone earlier, all those other times I was invited, would it be any different? I am left to assume that maybe everything happens for a reason and this my final test. I mean come on, is he really good for me?

Yes. He is very good for me. He's no nonsense, muy intellegente, and my good, his eyes. My only doubt is that his description of me is far less appealing. All guys make me doubt myself. Yeah you can say I'm pretty or 'hot' for my type of chick but what does that do for me? If you can't hold me or look at me with true emotion then I want nothing of it.

He's very light with the ladies and he doesn't even know it. But I think we're exactly alike in that sense. I mean think about it? All my guy friends are my better friends and 90% of them I have fooled around with or had some attraction to in some way. Even the ones I just met. Well just switch the me with he and the guys with gals. My question is does he mind work the same way mine does? Does he think about the second door although his eyes are fixated on one?

They girls he knows are gorgeous. They're fun, their just all out amazing. Can I compete with that? I confidently tell myself yes, but my body won't let me move.

In less than a week he'll be gone and I won't se him again for a month and then after that, not at all. I'll miss him, I miss him now. More so because I know that he's openly with that other girl. And it sucks because I said that that was what I wanted. i couldn't hold onto him knowing how he felt about her.

We'll see how this week goes and what gts said. What was done in darkness shall come to the light right?